Detroit Swindle - Boxed Out Remixes EP

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  • Detroit Swindle have put their feet up for their latest EP, but they've chosen their remixers wisely, resulting in a rounded collection of tracks that visits several corners of the 4/4 spectrum. It sets its standard early with Jimpster's reworking of "B.Y.O." Jamie Odell has never been one for bombast, and he certainly doesn't force things here. He constructs a wonderfully trippy, slow-release gem, bathed in a wash of arps and sun-dappled synths. MRSK's has made his way up through the techno ranks courtesy of his compatriots Skudge, who've hosted some of the Stockholm resident's previous productions. Throwing overt disco references into his take on "He's Just This Guy, You Know?" he lays down a jabbering groove embellished by spanking slap bass. Dresden's Cuthead has already exhibited an uncanny propensity to hopscotch between house and hip-hop. His remix of "Me, Myself & You" may veer heavily towards the former, but amid the heavy organ passages and disco samples he buries a jerky bassline, and slathers it all with some meaty snares. Yes, there's a lot going on, but it's stitched together seamlessly. Veteran Baltimore producer Karizma, using his Kaytronik moniker, rounds off this consistently reliable EP with a rerub of "For The Love Of…" that replaces the slow hip-hop of the original with emotive techno made from stuttering loops and thick bass.
  • Tracklist
      A1 B.Y.O. (Jimpster Remix) A2 He's Just This Guy, You Know? (MRSK Remix) B1 Me, Myself & You (Cuthead Remix) B2 For the Love of... (Kaytronik's Nyte Tyme Remix)