Various - Creme Organization / L.I.E.S. ADE 12

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  • This collaborative six-track 12-inch was originally made available at the joint Crème/L.I.E.S. Showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event last month, at which every artist featured on the record also played. The cuts with a lighter touch are the standouts here, with the clear star of the show being Willie Burns' "He Is Crazy Enough." Burns' name on a track is close to a guaranteed seal of quality these days, and "He Is Crazy Enough," buried away in the middle of the second side, blends his talent for melody and his skill with a bassline. Simoncino's "Earth & Nightfall" is made from fairly similar stuff, with waxy analogue percussion clacking away behind gently swishing pads and laser-gun keys. "Acid Rehearsal" by Innershades is the pick of the rougher tracks. It begins with the frantic percussive gait of a gabber track before settling down and introducing high keys and spacey pads. Greg Beato's remix of Ron Morelli's "Signal Jam" pulls the simple but effective trick of ladling tough drums onto the original's beatless array of sonar bleeps and swirling pads. Legowelt's "Obesity In America" is a characteristically grainy hail of drums, sci-fi keys and pads that's engagaing but by no means a Legowelt classic. The forgettable percussive assault of Randomer's "Ugly Drummer," meanwhile, at least has the good grace to have the most appropriate possible name.
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      A1 Innershades - Acid Rehearsal A2 Legowelt - Obesity In America A3 Randomer - Ugly Drummer B1 Simoncino - Earth & Nightfall B2 Willie Burns - He Is Crazy Enough B3 Ron Morelli - Signal Jam (Greg Beato Remix)