Jimmy Edgar - Saline EP

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  • Saline, the third in a series of element-themed packages from Jimmy Edgar, doesn't have a standout tune like its predecessors Hot Inside and Mercurio, although it comes pretty close on "Decalcify," in which a manic mosquito buzz rubs itself up against jacking military snares to create freakout mayhem. What Saline confirms is that the low-slung electro funk that characterized Edgar's earlier work has all but been consigned to a dusty attic; although there are traces of it in "Burn," it's buried under the devastating crush of tightly-wound, hyperactive snares. You can't help feeling that Edgar could have cajoled a little more out of the late DJ Rashad then a heavily refracted vocal on "Walk Show," an otherwise juke-by-numbers effort. But it proves a temporary blip as Edgar wrests back the initiative by reining in the EP's percussive intensity through the loping house of "Who's Watchin."
  • Tracklist
      01. Burn 02. Decalcify 03. Walk Show feat. DJ Rashad 04. Who's Watchin