Specialivery - Babilonia

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  • Carlo Bernasconi has had past lives as a pro-turntablist called G.BIZ, a ghetto-house producer called Life Jacket and as a lieutenant in the Swiss Army. Here he begins another in the form of his new industrial techno project Specialivery. Listening to this EP, it's difficult not to come to the conclusion that Specialivery is Bernasconi's way of expressing his military instincts in musical form, with quick-march basslines and blitzkrieg synths looming large over its five tracks. Opener "Kinesia" is the calmest track on the package, its gradually building bassline topped by synth squalls and machine-grind effects that are notably softened compared with the rest of the EP. "Amenhotep III" is built from similar stuff but is the most focused iteration of the package's steely approach. Elsewhere, "Haksum" surrounds its Nitzer Ebb-like vocal yelp with tightly-wound drums and metallic effects, while "Baagh" is a sometimes chaotic hail of synth shards and effects that periodically finds order through a heavy, rumbling bassline. "Marabunta" ends the package on a far more linear note, with a blend of attention-grabbing klaxon-horn synths, percussive clatters and more yelping vocal shards. Babilonia is all much of a muchness, but fans of this sort of high-definition machine music should find plenty to enjoy.
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      01. Kinesia 02. Haksum 03. Amenhotep III 04. Baagh 05. Marabunta