Viers - Ryomi / Usagi

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  • With last year's Designated #41 EP for Fifth Wall, Jordon Saxton (working under the name Unklone) proved that his passage from bass-heavy house to dark techno was all but complete. But while that record took a maximal approach, the Leeds producer's return to duty as Viers toggles the Venetian blinds on his studio windows to let some light in. "Ryomi" (Saxton's song titles suggest an obsession with all things Japanese) is beautifully simple. While a three-note motif buzzes around the core of the track, gently morphing in shape if not intensity, Saxton slashes at the gaps in between with twisted, metallic percussion. On "Usagi," the trippy textures of "Ryomi" are eschewed in favour of a rollicking techno stomp, its jarring bass aggressively sucking air into the speakers, while laser-gun bursts light up the atmosphere. Whatever flavour of techno Viers attempts, it always seems to hit the sweet spot.
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      A1 Ryomi B1 Usagi