Various - A Tribute To Klang Club

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  • Tucked away in the Tuscan countryside, about 50 miles south of Florence, Arezzo seems too sleepy, too conservative a place to have been the home to a club that attracted international DJ talent. But between 2008 and 2013, Elia Perrone did just that, and The Klang Club was one of Europe's best techno nights. And as this tribute EP shows, the name is still a pull for many of the artists who passed through its doors. As with any compilation EP, the quality varies, but there are a couple of gems, not least from Roman Flügel. "Candy Crack" is typical of his style: deep techno pitted with jazzy atmospherics that culminates in a wonderfully dippy synth vignette. Baby Ford is one of the UK's house music pioneers, with a history stretching back more than two decades, and he brings all that experience to bear on "Satellite Stroll (Edge Of The Night Mix)." Slack-jawed and moody, its cloaked in a dubby throb, with percussion falling across it like raindrops. The EP sags a little in the middle. Heartthrob's "Whoever Whatever" finds the American building a chattering groove with the aid of sprightly acid bass and layered percussion, but it's no more than competent. Likewise Okain's "Livin Proof," although the straight ahead rolling house is temporarily lifted by the addition of the dubby trumpets that cut through it. Things get back on track when Oliver Deutschmann arrives with "Rymetika." A reedy three-note riff, sounding uncannily like an Argentinian bandoneon, butts up against the persistent thwack of a tom-tom. There's not much to it, but each individual component has gravitas. Finally, Elia Perrone himself teams up with his brother Nero for "La Stanza Magica," a twinkly, jazzy workout.
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      A1 Roman Flügel - Candy Crack A2 Baby Ford - Satellite Stroll (Edge Of The Night Mix) A3 Heartthrob - Whoever, Whatever B1 Okain - Livin Proof B2 Oliver Deutschmann - Rytmetika B3 Fratelli Perrone - La Stanza Magica