The Revenge - Incredible Shellsuit

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  • This is Graeme "The Revenge" Clark's first release since last summer's Body Fusion EP, and like that one it's released on his own Roar Groove label. Incredible Shellsuit contains a classic house cut followed by two tracks that feel inspired by the work of fellow Glasgow producers Auntie Flo and Esa. The pretty, undulating house of "Incredible Shellsuit" is the pick here. It features a euphoric, Virgo Four-style synth line cavorting over solid analogue percussion. Los Angeles Times" takes things off in a lightly African-themed direction, with bounding high-pitched bongos forming an infectious spine over which an acidic ribbon of bass and various vocal fragments first appear separately, and then swell together in cacophonous, floor-slaying style. The African theme is taken even further on closer "Vorderman," on which bongos and bass drums pepper an alternately smooth and spiky landscape of windy pads and malfunctioning robot bleeps. It's interesting collision of styles, if not always a completely successful one.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Incredible Shellsuit (12'' Mix) B1 Los Angeles Times B2 Vorderman