Anxur - The Anxur Takes Vol. 1

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  • The pairing of Italian artists Donato Dozzy and Marco Shuttle is packed with potential. Dozzy's extensive output has included plenty of fruitful collaborations, and Shuttle's patient long-form approach comes across as easily accommodating (see: his killer Time To Express track "Sing Like A Bird," and Peter Van Hoesen's just-as-potent remix). The duo's first record as Anxur sounds like a safe but logical initial effort. Both "Volo 1" and "Volo 2" are crisp, modern acid techno, running around seven minutes apiece and exploring the tweaked-out possibilities of a single synth line atop sparse, shivering percussion. "Volo 1," whose asymmetrical 303 riff murmurs sharply as it stretches into open space, has a darker, more cosmic vibe. "Volo 2" is mellower, thanks to a warmer, almost meditative lead. It's also faster and, with intensifying rushes of cymbals and hi-hats, a little more self-contained. Subtle, easy-to-layer acid tracks like these will always be welcome, but hopefully the future will bring some more eclectic experiments from this project.
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      A1 Volo 1 B1 Volo 2