Blackhall & Bookless - Se7en EP

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  • The two Christophers behind this EP—Blackhall and Bookless—made their name as promoters and DJs at Newcastle's Jaunt party, which they've since successfully brought to London. As producers, their dense, narcotic take on house music is immersive. Both tracks are underpinned by the same swish-swash of heavy fluids. "Kevins Spacey" is the airier of the two, breaking down into a pool of muffled chords before its thickset toms kick back in. "Morgans Freeman," with its crunchy snares and fizzy hi-hats, wears more of a scowl. The two remixers live up to their reputations. Virginia's bubbly, organic techno version of "Kevins Spacey" is typical of her output on Ostgut Ton, the primary outlet for her sun-dappled, retro-tinged music. It's a beautiful counterpoint to the saturnine features of the original. Fred P plays it simple on his remix of "Morgans Freeman." Looping a sliver of vocal from the original to create a percussive, staccato soundbed, he dusts it with windswept chords. As debut records go, Jaunt's is impressive.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Kevins Spacey A2 Morgans Freeman B1 Kevins Spacey (Virginia Remix) B2 Morgans Freeman (Fred P Reshape)