Locked Groove - Thesseus

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  • Following a raft of well-received EPs for Hotflush, Turbo and his own Locked Groove Records, this is Tim Van de Meutter's first outing for Munich's Permanent Vacation, and the lush, personality-rich house and techno here makes the union feel natural. "Thesseus" hits a simmer early on, with forceful but muffled kicks thumping around the kind of acid-flecked synths that Maxime Dangles has frequently deployed. From there it's an ethereal, Detroit-flavoured techno charmer defined, over its nine-minute duration, by Motor City strings and the odd monolithic bass digression. "Meditations In An Emergency" could be a lost Incunabula-era Autechre track, such is its bleeping, sweeping gorgeousness. Orchestral background pads set a bucolic scene for keys that are discordant, out of time and beautiful all at once. Italian producer Clockwork's remix of "Meditations In An Emergency" alights on something akin to '90s broken beat. It's a lot less pastoral but it still undulates delightfully, its rickety percussive rattle joined by a mesmeric three-note synth pattern and bright pads.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Thesseus 
B1 Meditations in an Emergency B2 Meditations in an Emergency (Clockwork Remix)