Webstarr - Aegrus

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  • Hull's Webstarr is yet another young UK producer who mashes together musical bits and bobs into one club-quaking whole. Landing on Beneath's new Mistry imprint, he delivers what is basically techno hammered into jagged broken rhythms, like UK funky with a Teutonic twist. It's a strong aesthetic that feels similar in spirit to his peers' experiments with grime, but it's refreshingly different in execution. The kick drums on "Aegrus" are blunt and the sound palette is purely metallic, from the scuffed snares to the droning background melody that sounds like someone rubbing the rim of a wine glass. Moving in a queasy circular path, the track slowly collects new layers of dust and debris with each new lap. Chevel seizes on that quality for his unusual remix. He pulls the bottom out from underneath and leaves the drums to somersault in mid-air, while the central melody holds everything in its orbit. At a more hulking 120 BPM, the hypnotic "Clocked" and its cluster of melting chimes sounds like a Dali painting rendered in sound, flecked with ominous leads that give it a sci-fi feel.
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      A1 Aegrus B1 Aegrus (Chevel Remix) B2 Clocked