Henning Baer / Milton Bradley - A Shared Objective

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  • I don't often describe a record as being good value for money, but Henning Baer and Milton Bradley's latest spilt 12-inch certainly is. A Shared Objective features three tracks from the former and two from the latter, with something here for just about any DJ, be it gritty half-time techno, jacking house or droning electro. Henning Baer handles the A-side, which begins with "14VAC," a Mr. Oizo-style, 120 BPM electro track. The four-minute effort is bottom-heavy and rough, but its steady, cracking snare should make it simple to mix. A jacking rhythm track called "Sleeper" follows. It pairs crisp, bumpy drums with a catchy, reverbed vocal loop. Baer's highlight is "Duality." It's his only real techno moment, but its groove and steady pacing gives it a housey edge. Loopy tracks in Milton Bradley's trademark style sit on the flip. "Divergance" is the toughest, with a burrowing low-end and dark overall aesthetic. The similarly hypnotic "Beat 992" has the same broken-beat textures of Baer's opener, but it skips along at a brisker pace. Quality techno EPs don't come much more diverse than this.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Henning Baer - 14VAC A2 Henning Baer - Sleeper A3 Henning Baer - Duality B1 Milton Bradley - Divergence B2 Milton Bradley - Beat 992