Various - I Care Because You Don't

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  • If techno has recently hewn towards metal in its aggression and aesthetics, then Clouds represent punk, more ragged and volatile than outright heavy. That's the ethos on the sampler EP for their upcoming compilation, I Care Because You Don't. But sometimes you need more than just a fuck-you attitude, and aside from the duo's own contribution, I Care Because You Don't comes off a little flimsy. Clouds' "Blood Skating" is up to their usual high standard. The way its crunchy drums skate on top of eerie pads recalls a harsher version of the Aphex Twin album the compilation references, equal parts brutal and cushiony. There's a similarly satisfying texture to DJ Hesburger's "Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome To The Dance," which drunkenly balances on wobbly bass notes. But the momentum fizzles away with some awkwardly placed vocal samples and general aimlessness. Dance Company's "Bezerkerz (Hardcore Young Team)" is a rudimentary attempt at UK hardcore nostalgia, while Jane's "Fuck Your Alliance" is an evil array of spurting noises and shrieks that becomes tiring over its four-minute seizure. There's still hope for the full-length compilation, but I'm left with the feeling that we would have been better off with a new EP from Clouds themselves.
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      A1 DJ Hesburger - Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome To The Dance A2 Dance Company - Berzerkerz (Hardcore Young Team) B1 Clouds - Blood Skating B2 Jane - Fuck Your Alliance