Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants

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  • Mario Basanov's latest release as Ten Walls will be familiar to just about anyone who has maintained an interest in house music of late. A limited release in May on Basanov's co-owned Boso label now re-released by Atlantic Records, "Walking With Elephants" has been one of the summer's most ubiquitous tracks. At five-and-a-half minutes, it's shorter than your average Ten Walls track, with a brief introductory section swiftly ushering in languorous, orchestral background textures and the parping central horn riff. Whether because of the familiarity of the track or the ingredients—"Walking With Elephants" is almost militant in its refusal to surprise—this doesn't hit the spot in quite the same way as "Gotham" or "Requiem" did. But a "B+" Ten Walls track is still a treat, and its popularity over the past few months has been deserved. The B-Side is a sub-three-minute radio edit that by its very existence underlines Basanov's recent successes.
  • Tracklist
      01. Walking With Elephants 02. Walking With Elephants (Radio Edit)