Marcel Dettmann - Planetary Assault Systems Remixes

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  • While Marcel Dettmann was a young record fiend from Fürstenwalde travelling back and forth to Berlin's Plattenläden in the early '90s, Luke Slater was at the top of his game, dishing out techno that augured the genre as we know it today. Skip forward to 2009 and Slater is absorbed into the Ostgut nucleus via his Planetary Assault Systems moniker, signalling something of a rebirth for an artist who had ridden the peaks and troughs of techno for almost 20 years. With this remix package for MDR, Slater continues the relationship with an EP that comes primed for dance floor use. The "Tubed Mix" of Dettmann's "Apron" centres on a queerly pitched sequence that acts as a sort of tension barometer; an array of percussive bits enter, add a sense of space and exit abruptly, leaving the original sequence a touch more malignant and animated each time. It's one of those tracks that develops through stasis, keeping floors on a queasy holding pattern. It's a similar story with the "Rhythm Mix." The way the bassline cuts is more than enough to warrant its appearance, but it remains pretty sphinx-eyed for the duration, apart from a couple of awesomely tweaked squeals so fleeting you wonder whether they even happened. The "Deep Release" remix of Dettmann's "Rush" is quite the opposite. If you're lacking in white noise and bass, then look no further, because this track is overloaded with both. It would be a hell of a lot to handle on a big system, but if you're looking for an ear-scalding peak-time monster, you could certainly do worse.
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      A1 Apron (PAS Tubed Mix 2) A2 Apron (PAS The Rhythm Remix) B1 Rush (PAS Deep Release Remix)