Enzo Siragusa & Alexkid - Kilimanjaro Sound

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  • Enzo Siragusa and his Fuse London cohorts have a fascination with bass. Collectively, they have spent the best part of six years crafting their own dubbed-out niche within house and techno, determined to push the limits of low-end within the genre. So far, the apex of this investigation is "Kilimanjaro 1," a cut released by Siragusa and Alexkid in November 2013 that saw the pair strap heavy jungle basslines to 4/4 frames. Eight months later, the follow-up has landed, presenting three equally floor-shaking club tracks. Fans of last year's pilot will most likely be on board with Kilimanjaro Sound, given that the EP sticks by the same uncomplicated template. "Kilimanjaro 2" feels particularly similar, comprising the same razor-sharp kicks, soaring vocal snippets and jungle-style drum clacks, topped off with a fat bassline. "3," available on vinyl only, has a little more fire in its belly, propelled by a snarling groove and little else. It's simple, but you can imagine it inciting chaos on the dance floor. "4" has a marginally richer palette and is by far the dubbiest of the three, centred on several escalating notes. Though the production values feel a little elementary at times, these tracks should be picked up by house and techno DJs in need of a few extra curveballs.
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      A1 Kilimanjaro 2 B1 Kilimanjaro 3 B2 Kilimanjaro 4
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