Stump Valley - Hollywood EP

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  • Jordan Czamanski, one-half of Juju & Jordash, has used his new Off Minor Recordings as an output for his and a few closely affiliated peers' music. But for the label's fourth release he introduces some fresh blood: the anonymous duo Stump Valley. The title track sets things off with a melancholic arpeggio, slowly growing in intensity and paired with snappy claps and a stripped down bassline. The dreamy synth oscillations are given ample room to shine throughout this seven-minute workout, and the overall result is a summery, late-night vibe. Things get even more moody on the slow house jam "DS23 Pallas," filled with the hazy piano chords and soft pads. On the flipside Stump Valley veer off the beaten path and add some strangeness. With intricately crafted conga patterns and what sounds like birds cawing, "Black Tulip" feels rooted in tribal house. A mumbling voice saying something like, "Welcome to the world, my child," could have tipped things over into cliché, but with some restraint and structural complexity the track holds its place. "Metropolis 27 (Mtrpls Mix)" is more of a psychedelic, hardware-packed jam session. Through smart, off-kilter drum programming it retains dance floor impact despite the free-form formula.
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      A1 Hollywood A2 DS 23 Pallas B1 The Black Tulip B2 Metropolis 27 (Mtrpls Mix)