Project Pablo - Utensils

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  • Fresh off a move to Montreal, Patrice Wilson (previously known as 8prn) is in full transition mode on his second 12-inch for Hybridity Music. As a co-founder of burgeoning imprint ASL Singles Club, Wilson became known for glossy, garage-inflected tracks, but here he sets his sights firmly on Chicago circa 1988. If you're thinking the title hints at something utilitarian, then you'd be right, because the three tracks here—"Fork," "Blender," "Instant Coffee"—are exactly that, more about functionality than personality. "Blender" is all Mr. Fingers-style synths and uplifting female vocals, alternating between rollicking passages and more weightless sections. When Wilson is in the latter mode he's irresistible, but there's something perfunctory about the whole thing. That feeling persists on "Fork," a merely competent take on piano house that smashes down the ivories and doubles up on the vocal snippets. The dubbier "Instant Coffee" is the EP's highlight and probably its most stripped-back track, with a confident strut and not much else. Three serviceable deep house tunes with all the right ingredients, Utensils is enjoyable but has the feeling of someone imitating a form rather than putting his own spin on it. Considering the strength of Wilson's past work, maybe it'll just take him some time to find his feet with this template.
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      A1 Blender B1 Fork B2 Instant Coffee