Orson Wells - Open Light

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  • Lennard Poschmann, AKA Orson Wells, is one of the more promising talents to rise from the recent surplus of deep, melodic house producers. His eye-catching debut on Live At Robert Johnson in July last year sparked interest from the sound's principal purveyors, Innervisions, who included Wells in their four-part project to mark their 50th release. A year on from that first EP, Wells returns to LARJ with Open Light, another textured and tuneful four-tracker. Compared to his previous work, there's something more polished about this release. Opener "Drifting" does as its name suggests, sending dainty brushstrokes across a mellow bed of gently oscillating synths. The textures, though typically well balanced, are a little clean cut. "Sky Traffic" is even more subdued, and as a result more captivating. Cosy chords and flickers glide over a leisurely bassline, which protrudes just enough to keep things rolling. It's a sunrise number, and the best track of the four. "It Takes Two To Tango," on the other hand, sees Wells lay down his most club-ready cut to date, and it doesn't pay off. The union of a plodding bassline with a piping melody feels elementary and overdone, displaying none of the subtlety he's so capable of. Some of that deftness of touch returns on "Open Light," as snug keys and coiled 303s merge neatly to convey a bright, summery atmosphere. Fans of Wells' LARJ debut may enjoy this EP, but they probably won't prefer it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drifting A2 Sky Traffic B1 It Takes Two To Tango B2 Open Light