The Youngsters – Confidential Music Volume 3

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  • Talented producers The Youngsters are next up on F-Communications with their Confidential Music Volume 3. First up is Introduction, with some nice tough beats commencing the production shortly before a twisted state of smooth synths soon take control. The track flows nicely, with the drums working well with the dreary sounds and little effects, but you can’t help but feel attracted to this insanely unique production. Great work from the impressive Youngsters. On the flip is These in my Arms. This track also starts with some nice drum patterns and quirky effects, and soon enough it enters another unique pattern on sounds. Quirky melodies and distorted effects are the way with this track, and it all seems to work effortlessly. A great little EP by the Youngsters, who have impressed yet again as they have in the past. Another quality and unique release by the French F-Communications.