Alex Kid - Come With Me (Revisited...La Suite)

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  • Alex Kid gets revisited for the second time with new remixes of Come With Me coming from Tiga, Brett Johnson yet again, and Seep. Tiga’s Aciddeathrave Remixis on the flip and as the name suggests, it’s a twistesd journey into acid house with dark stabbing synths to give the remix a tough vibe. The nice and chirpy vocals actually wotrk quite well with the dark and sinister sounds of Tiga;s remix here, and as a result, the remix works quite well in total. Brett Johnson’s Flavor of the Moment Mix is first up on the b-side, and the beats are quite similar to the remixes he had on the first remix disc. A noticeable difference with this remix is the nice baseline the bounces in true Johnson fashion. Despite this, the remix maintains a pretty similar vibe throughout with some highlights also coming in the shape of some nice subtle twisted effects. The Ashes to Acid Mix by Seep follows and is very quirky and unique. The beats are scattered and the sounds are vibrant and twisted. It is a very nice addition and really is hard to describe in words. Another good set of solid remixes to this track that continues to make its way to modern classic status.