Luca Lozano - Isolation Distorts

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  • Klasse Records boss Lucas Hunter, AKA Luca Lozano, has branched out in 2014. His usual Klasse-only release schedule has been broken by outings on Optimo Trax, Sex Tags UFO and Disc Over Music. Now comes Isolation Distorts on 100% Silk, which brings together six tracks of the kind of subtly dramatic, sci-fi-tinged house and electro we've come to expect from Hunter. Opener "Assertiveness Test" spends over half its duration as a distorted spoken intro, eventually creaking to life as a glacially paced electro stomper that doesn't quite live up to the slow-build drama of its beginnings. "Immer Mittwoch" is an energetic high watermark, with flickering keys and strong kicks backing a vaguely militaristic vocal motif. The similarities between "Extra Telest" and "Act Shade" are difficult to overlook. The former's police radios and the latter's crackly film samples are cut from exactly the same atmospheric cloth, as are their rolling basslines, chiptune-inspired melodies and B-movie effects. "Lifting Forward"'s sonar bleeps, radios and sleepwalking percussion and pads make for more of a pleasant interlude than anything else, while "The Fox" is an amiable if not massively essential seven-minute electro squelcher. It closes a package that always squeaks and whirrs along intriguingly, but never deliver a true standout moment.
  • Tracklist
      01. Assertiveness Test 02. Immer Mittwoch 03. Extra Telest 04. Act Shade 05. Lifting Forward 06. The Fox