Stingray313 - Armchair Psychiatrist / Strontium Dog

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  • Though mainly known for his electro output, Sherard Ingram has always kept a few pots on the boil. His latest record tweaks the recipe of his last [Nakedlunch] single, NKKtwo_2 / NKKK4_2, a techno stomper that revelled in its thick, metallic textures. This time things are taken to even more pungent extremes. The rhythms may be pretty staid, but we need them that way to navigate through the fog. "Armchair Scientist" is the more challenging of the two, showing little concern for linearity. Instead we're subjected to a succession of increasingly toxic clouds of sound. At its peak the skeletal kick and snare are almost squeezed out of frame, meaning dance floor efficacy may be limited, but the head-trip is undeniable. "Strontium Dog 2" has a bit more momentum, mainly thanks to the bassline snarling and moaning its way through the midsection, though Ingram throws in a few kick drum hiccups just to keep things interesting. The one glaring omission here is any glimmer of optimism (it was just such a glimmer that made Ingram's previous [Nakedlunch] single a keeper). Still, if dystopia's what you want, Stingray's got it in spades.
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      A1 Armchair Psychiatrist B1 Strontium Dog