dBridge / Kid Drama - Pleasure District 002

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  • In 17th century Japan, prostitution was restricted to certain areas known as pleasure districts. Perhaps, then, the new Exit offshoot, Pleasure District, is an outlet for dBridge and Kid Drama (otherwise known as Jon Convex, and formerly one-half of Instra:mental) to indulge themselves. The pair's Heart Drive podcasts echo the influential Autonomic podcasts, both musically and in form (they're set out as a numbered series, with abstract naming and aesthetics). And now Pleasure District has been set up to release music from those podcasts. So far, it's solely been an outlet for dBridge and Kid Drama, or for their collaborative alias, Heart Drive. And as you might expect from the name, the music is wistful and journey-like. dBridge's "Module Eight" begins with a sparse rhythm over deep sub pulses. It has a sense of expectancy that gently resolves into widescreen pads and puffs of melody. Throughout the EP, the melodic content is gorgeous, and it's made all the more alluring by its sense of restraint, not to mention the level of production on everything around it. "Void Response" is more epically scaled. It joins a cataclysmic piston of a kick-snare combo with a terse pizzicato synth line. Kid Drama's percussion, as you might expect from his Jon Convex material, is more edged-out and glitchy than dBridge's here. "Kill Time" is the nastiest thing on the EP, fringed by razor-edged sounds that snarl. "Separation," in contrast, suggests wide vistas with its plaintive chords and distant vocal phonemes. We've certainly heard this kind of thing before, but it's great to have it back.
  • Tracklist
      A1 dBridge - Module Eight A2 dBridge - Void Response B1 Kid Drama - Kill Time B2 Kid Drama - Separation