Mutsumi - Look Down At Your Feet Below

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  • The musical milieu it found favor with and the pop star it references may be all dried up at this point, but more than a decade since its release, MU's "Paris Hilton" remains a potent single. Credit the inimitable Maurice Fulton, its producer, and the perennial appeal of brilliantly goofy vocals with its staying power. It stands to reason, then, that despite not being new, the latest 12-inch from Fulton and his wife Mutsumi Kanamori still sounds exceptionally fresh. Culling a pair of cuts from Kanamori's 2010 digital-only Mutsumi album, Look Down At Your Feet Below sounds like it could have come out at any point over the last two decades or so. And its raw and percussive yet wondrously catchy tunes won't be going out of style any time soon. The title cut is all slinky, pounding drum programming and hilariously insistent screaming—a funked-up bassline is about all we get for melody, and it's just barely audible beneath the barrage. You can't even tell what Mutsumi's ultra-processed voice is yelling on "58, 26, 34 & 20," over an arrangement as assaulting as the A-side. But Look Down isn't a L.I.E.S. record—it truly aims to please, just in its own brash and adorably overbearing way.
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      A1 Look Down At Your Feet Below B1 58, 26, 34 & 20