Yuka - Episodes Of Yesterday

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  • The next digital release on British Columbia's Silent Season imprint comes from Yuka, a Siberian-born, Moscow-based producer and DJ who's probably best known as a member of Dasha Rush's Fullpanda label crew. Episodes Of Yesterday is an intriguing EP and another great fit for the label, with field recordings Yuka captured during her travels around India playing a central role. Episodes Of Yesterday has four organic, subdued techno cuts, all made better—and all tied together—by Yuka's found sounds. Tastefully used, they give the release a warm and personal feel. First track "Drumkot" sounds like a departure point, its humming 4/4 kick and sonorous clatters seeming to pass by the voices that occasionally pop into focus, while "First Zoom" keeps moving forward with broken-beat drums, soft but insistent 16th-note motifs and swirling bird calls. "Umrao Is Waiting" is sublime. It's got dense, syncopated kicks and a resonant throb playfully filling up the low-end, and its voices are again fleeting, as lightly teased drones give way to beeping bits of melody and, finally, a rainstorm at the end. Last track "Akasha," whose half-time percussion comes overlaid with a small swarm of birds and tweaked electronics, winds things down with a faintly sinister edge.
  • Tracklist
      01. Drumkot 02. First Zoom 03. Umrao is Waiting 04. Akasha