Sascha Dive & Luke Hess - Into The Abyss

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  • The first release for Minimood Extra since late last year is Into The Abyss, a four-track, double-vinyl, trans-Atlantic joint featuring Frankfurt's Sascha Dive and Detroit's Luke Hess, along with Echospace's increasingly busy CV313 project. Dive and Hess's original track merges the DJ-friendly drive that the former has been known for with the latter's more dubbed-out and understated sensibilities. The result, clearly geared toward uptempo dance floors, is meticulously detailed and dramatically sequenced, underpinned with a bevy of crackling chords and led by a terse, almost trance-y synth riff. It's maybe a little longer than necessary at nine minutes, but it's memorable enough that we can hope this isn't just a one-off collaboration. Across each of the other three sides is a CV313 remix. In true Echospace style, they're filled with cavernous reverbs and hissing white noise generators. Taken together, the three tracks are too same-y—they each measure just over nine minutes long, make use of the same slivers of dub chords, and seem to follow the exact same expansive progression—but if you can look past that, each has its charms. The "Decaying Detroit Dub" is dry and gritty, while the "Sailing Among The Stars Mix," with its moody, vaporous chords, has a soft and cozy vibe. The "Altering Illusions Reprise" is last, and my pick of the three remixes. With the trademark hiss turned down lower (though still occasionally reaching high into the mix), it seeks out the sort of open spaces that listeners and DJs of a deeper persuasion should be happy to explore.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Into The Abyss B1 Into The Abyss (CV313 Decaying Detroit Dub) C1 Into The Abyss (CV313 Sailing Among The Stars Mix) D1 Into The Abyss (CV313 Altering Illusions Reprise)