Nummer - Reach EP

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  • London's young Going Good label has quickly established itself as a haven for dance floor oddballs. Joining the likes of Cloudface and Moon B, the label's latest signing is Nummer, a French duo based in London with just one other release to their name. April's Beyond Time – Interpretations showed that the pair weren't afraid to play fast and loose with genre. Its tracks ranged from cosmic synth meditations to techno and twitchy broken-beat, the unifying factor being not tempo or beat pattern, but a certain stargazing inclination and a taste for rich synthetic vistas. The Reach EP offers, in the best way possible, more of the same. These four gorgeous tracks, shimmering with melodic detail, evoke the glossy panoramas of Detroit techno in idiosyncratic ways. Best is opener "Scion," whose chunky percussion is offset by the ripples of colour playing across its surface. The mix is hardly crowded, but there's a sense of constant dappled motion to it that is hugely seductive. That and closer "Moon To Jupiter" might be techno intended for the rainforest canopy; the darker "Closed Time Loop" is electro for the cool forest floor. "Marvin," finally, is shorn of drums but equally verdant. Whatever Nummer are reaching for, they've pretty well grasped it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Scion A2 Marvin B1 Closed Time Loop B2 Moon To Jupiter