Daniel Avery - All I Need / These Nights Never End (Remixes)

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  • This is the third remix package of tracks from Daniel Avery's Drone Logic LP. The overriding feeling with the two preceding editions, which have featured reinterpretations by Danny Daze, Perc, KiNK and Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, is that they haven't stood up to the source material, with only Perc's pulverising take on "Reception" lingering very long in the memory. The third package finds Roman Flügel and Ricardo Tobar taking on two of Drone Logic's deeper, druggier moments in "All I Need" and "These Nights Never End," respectively. Of the pair, Tobar's rework (a reciprocation of Avery's recent remix of his track "Garden") stands out. As with Perc's offering, its dissimilarity to the original works in its favour. Where the original is dark and clanging, Tobar's interpretation heads for watching-the-sun-rise territory. An unwavering bed of bass arps, crisp percussive clicks and pads make for a smooth ride. Roman Flügel's ten-minute rework of "All I Need" flattens out the original's huge synth chords and adds various digressions of skittering, mischievous keys. It flits effortlessly from one deep house plateau to the next and is both interesting and listenable, but the retention of the original's fuggy vocals reminds you of its superiority.
  • Tracklist
      01. All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix) 02. These Nights Never End (Ricardo Tobar Remix)