Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - KVK800

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  • The reviews of each new Karlovak release are starting to sound as similar as the records themselves. They comment on the label's rapid-fire release schedule, and note the Swedish duo's signature combination of disco sounds and meaty house beats. It feels like there really is a Karlovak machine that chews up disco loops and spits them back out with a dense percussive framework and a dusty mixdown. KVK800, the third Karlovak 12-inch so far this year, opens with "Limehouse Afternoon," another sunny house roller with a healthy dose of disco instrumentation. At first, it all sounds a bit murky—a slightly blunted kick churns through hand drums and indistinct chatter—but the drums get stiffer when a searing hi-hat enters the mix and a theatrical string melody starts up. "Karlsson's Dub" ditches the disco melody in favor of a rollicking bassline, a few vocal snippets and the occasional piano stab. All in all, there's nothing particularly offensive here, but nothing particularly striking, either—just another solid two-tracker from the Karlovak machine.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Limehouse Afternoon B1 Karlsson's Dub