Various - Ended Up At De Ambassade

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  • Brussels-based DJs Kong and Gratts inaugurated their Ensemble label late last year with Xosar's Retreat 2 Rapture. San Soda's remix on that package was billed as a one-time-only outing for his Xan Xoda alias, but the name pops up again on the label's second release, as he teams up with Gratts as De Ambassade. Their track is called "Gebakken Lucht," a Belgian phrase that apparently means "hot air," which is about right for this weightless three-way confection of gently crunchy bass, soft pads and bongos. Australian producer Ben Sun's remix is billed as his "Sunny Interpretation," and his "if it ain't broke don't fix it" quote in the press sheet rings true— his version is little more than some light sanding down of a few edges. Belgian DJ Eklektiker is a resident at Kong and Gratts' Ensemble basement party, and he contributes the other original on this package under the name Raw Sketches. "Intiem" is relaxed, shimmering fare, with tropical percussion gently thwacking away as a pretty synth melody flutters in the foreground. London's Sisterhood close the package with their "Cloudy Interpretation" of "Intiem." By far the most floor-ready thing here, it kicks stealthily forward via delicious, rolling bass, humming pads and glowing high notes, ending things on a relatively energetic high.
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      A1 De Ambassade - Gebakken Lucht A2 Raw Sketches - Intiem B1 De Ambassade - Gebakken Lucht (Ben Sun's Sunny interpretation) B2 Raw Sketches - Intiem (Sisterhood's Cloudy interpretation)