Michael Mayer - Fabric 13

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  • It's down to Michael Mayer to have the unenviable task of mixing the thirteenth in Fabric's compilation series, as their DJ selection becomes ever more intriguing. Unfortunately however I found this set left me cold and relatively unmoved. Whilst the peak-time moment from Le Dustsucker, 'Love Me', is a storming bass-led anthem, the majority of what leads up to it comes across as rather faceless. I could have done without most of the opening half, which is not to say the track selection is bad - just that it passed me by and didn't seem to generate any forward movement, becoming too introspective., with Thomas Schaeben's 'Busted' and Ricardo Villalobos' 'Easy Lee'. Mayer mixes his way out of trouble with Magnet's 'Abendstern' which injects some propulsion, and from there on the music improves greatly, culminating in M83's 'Run Into Flowers' - a track reminding me of early Aphex Twin. The next cut from Thomas Schaeben is genuinely unnerving, and then comes the big Dustsucker moment. Strangely uninvolving then, but containing a couple of good tracks - the choice is yours. Maybe I've completely missed the point!