Wallwork & RZR - Mad Techno Invasion

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  • The Mad Techno Invasion EP is Wallwork & RZR's debut on Infinite Machine, a Canadian label that boasts releases from newcomers like 123MRK, Seafloor and Pixelord. The London duo have spent the last few years as ghost producers for "some of the UK's finest," as they mention in their liner notes, but this EP is their first official release together. The title track is not really techno at all; it's more of a swinging UK garage outing than anything else, albeit backed by metallic, technoid clicks. It's the opener, "The 361," that sounds like the techno invasion. The track features a muscular drum machine solo that's punctuated by the occasional synth flare, and is so sparse you've got to infer some of the rhythms yourself. The duo frequently tips a hat to classic rave: abrasive 808 slaps, junglist basslines, deconstructed diva vocals and abstract breakbeats. You can even hear the iconic Dominator synth coasting throughout "Keep Going," the closing track, which is retro-futuristic but not overly referential. "Tonatiuh Dance" is the record's no-nonsense dance floor smasher, rolling atop distinctly British broken beats and all-encompassing bass drones. Across five tracks, Wallwork & RZR transform noise, dirt and distortion into dance floor fuel—the result is disruptive but refreshingly absorbing.
  • Tracklist
      01. The 361 02. Massive Reactor 03. Mad Techno Invasion 04. Tonatiuh Dance 05. Keep Going