11 11 - My Heart

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  • Puff Daddy is no stranger to dance music, though there's still something novel about the idea of him collaborating with Guy Gerber. Along with "Tourist Trap," which actually dates back to 2011, "My Heart" is their debut proper, and the first taste of their upcoming album as 11 11. The opening minutes of "My Heart" feature a cringeworthy rap that feels doubly incongruous with Gerber's melancholic guitars chiming in the background. But once it slips away and the sung vocals—layered, heavily pitch-shifted and alien—come in, the magic happens. As the rest of "My Heart" sprawls out into Balearic sunshine, with a hands-in-the-air arpeggio and rugged funk bassline, it's easy to get sucked in. Completely devoid of subtlety, "My Heart" lives up to expectations for what a Diddy and Gerber record should sound like: a little awkward and a whole lot of fun.
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      01. My Heart