Dario Zenker - Mörsin

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  • In addition to a slew of releases on his and his brother's Ilian Tape label, Dario Zenker has been steadily turning out 12-inches for the likes of Time To Express, Num Records and Vakant for several years. This EP marks his debut for the London-based Trilogy Tapes and, true to both the artist and the label's form, comprises four coarse techno tracks dense with sticky atmosphere and subtle detail. Yet textural detail rarely overshadows the sense of movement on the Mörsin EP. Springing claps on "Mörsin" leaven a muddy atmosphere, as the track builds smoothly into a dynamic, shifting heater. "W3" is more exciting, dominated by a rolling bassline groove and drums that sit higher in the mix along with a smattering of hi-hats and glacial pads. Its off-kilter spirit carries through to "WM2," which feels more freeform, a pretty synth line and clattering drum work adding splashes of colour to the heavy, eyes-down rhythm. With its claggy drums, subtle breakdown and mixture of gritty and tinny synths, "Banded" is less lively than the other tracks but, with its steadily chugging groove, no less compelling.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Mörsin A2 W3 B1 WM2 B2 Banded