DVS1 - Black Russian

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  • This is Zak Khutoretsky's third EP for Ben Klock's Klockworks label. Each of its three tracks offer a different (and excellent) take on the label's deep, pulsing mood. The title track is a good deal housier than you might expect from Klock's label, with warming piano chords rising and falling over gently hissing hats and woozy kicks. On the flip, the steady momentum and looping effects of "Creepin'" place it in the DJ tool category. And a very fine DJ tool it is, too, with subtle, insistent low notes forming the base over which eerie bleeps and percussion click and flash. Khutoretsky saves the best till last with "Spying," a standout from Klock's brilliant 2012 fabric mix. Relatively concise at five minutes, it springs from the blocks immediately with a bristling mix of bass synths and attention-grabbing hats and kicks. A disorienting piano loop soon arrives, making for a closer that's both haunting and euphoric.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Black Russian B1 Creeping B2 Spying