Marco Shuttle - Fanfara EP

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  • It's only been seven months since Bryan Kasenic launched The Bunker New York, yet the label has already developed a distinct aesthetic. Kasenic has kept up a steady stream of releases since January—most of which were helmed by Bunker regulars and recorded at the party—that alternate between experimental synth or dub-oriented jams and trance-inducing dub techno burners. The label's sixth offering, which comes from Bunker affiliate and fashion designer Marco Shuttle, falls neatly into the latter category. Although the press materials say that Shuttle's "meticulous approach... appeals to music cognoscenti across the globe," the record contains two tracks with enough hypnotic functionality to extend its appeal beyond the realm of connoisseurs. That being said, Shuttle's productions are definitely meticulous. Each element on the A-side, "Fanfara," is fine-tuned to undergo subtle changes in texture and tone. The kick drum progresses from a blunted pulse to a throbbing stomp, and an eerie extended synth tone slides in and out of focus between grumbling instrumental blasts that occasionally gain a calloused edge. "Marching On The Rings Of Saturn" rustles up a similarly ominous mood, but with a more purposeful momentum. Dark piano chords give the track a dramatic vibe, which is enhanced by reverb-soaked drip-drop noises and a spiky bleep melody. The drums hit harder here—especially the hi-hats, which add an extra neck-jerking thrust that "Fanfara" doesn't have—making it the slightly more effective half of an engrossing release.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fanfara B1 Marching On The Rings Of Saturn