Sully - Blue

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  • Of the Keysound roster, Sully is probably most closely aligned with E.M.M.A., sharing the synth-led approach she explored on her debut album, Blue Gardens. On his new double EP for the label, nostalgic melodies course through the rollers, generating apt emotions for a release on Keysound, a label that often trades in misty-eyed reflections on the hardcore continuum. That melancholic atmosphere is strongest on the title track, where colossal drum breaks are ballast for the melodies and vocal samples. Crisply outlined, high-energy synths give "Charms" a chrome-plated edge. In contrast to the rolling toughness of "M141," Logos strips "Blue" to its skeleton, with spare, echoing drum hits and drawn-out chords that make his "Vapour Dub" sound like the ghost of the original. The sense of nostalgia the gorgeous synthwork evokes on "Routine" and "Simple Things" makes Blue feel even more like an homage to '94.
  • Tracklist
      01. Solitaire 02. Checkmate 03. Simple 04. Charms 05. Blue 06. Blue (Logos Vapour Dub) 07. Routine 08. M141