Komon & Appleblim - Motion Blur

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  • Keiren Lomax and Laurence Osbourne return to Aus with two collaborative efforts on this fine EP of angular but catchy house music. "Motion Blur" opens with jutting synths before bubbling up into a thick percussive stew where cowbells reverberate and a lovely fluid bassline flows. It's gritty and muscular without overdoing it. "Key Vision" is a heavy-hitting slice of robotic soul that has hints of the duo's past dalliances in dubstep, with a satisfying crispness to its bass/kick combo. Then the duo take turns flying solo. Lomax plays it deep and melancholic on "Astir," snares and hi-hats seemingly dragging a BPM or so behind a standard house tempo. Then he flicks the switch, and in rushes shimmering cymbals and a squawk that sounds like a steel drum being hit with scouring pads, instantly taking it somewhere deeper. Osbourne's contribution, "Echos Retreat," places a simple but gigantic bass riff at its center, around which he hangs peak-time, Scuba-style synths, dabs of acid and a trippy, sparkly synth. It draws the curtain across a wonderfully balanced EP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Appleblim & Komon - Motion Blur A2 Komon & Appleblim - Key Vision B1 Komon - Astir B2 Appleblim - Echos Retreat