Flug - Sincrodestino

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  • Flug's last release, Shaping The Way on Enemy Records, was a strong, often subtly melodic three-tracker. In the wake of that one is Sincrodestino, the Argentinian techno producer's debut on CLR, and unfortunately it feels like a step backward. The raw, jacking edge heard on Shaping The Way is largely absent. The drums here, though they boom, are conspicuously simplistic, and for the most part the four tracks sound slick but too safe, even with some clever drops and transitions. The A-side relies too much on 16th-note percussion, and neither the title track's distorted swaths of sound nor "The Following"'s monotone blasts make much of an impression. First on the flip is "Resistance," which is busier, but only a little better as a tool, with a few suspenseful drops leading back to more stomping, big-room doldrums. "Consequences" at least ends the record on a solid note—it's a lean cut led by a terse acid riff and suffused on occasion with low-whistling white noise—but otherwise Sincrodestino leaves much to be desired.
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      A1 Sincrodestino A2 The Following B1 Resistance B2 Consequences