Rawaat ‎- Day Laborer EP

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  • For a vinyl label less than a year old, Lobster Theremin has built up a sizable catalogue. Almost all of its releases have come from new producers offering their take on lo-fi house and techno. On most, groove and functionality comes secondary to the liberal use of outsider house tropes—noise, distortion, analog-style sounds etc—brought to light by L.I.E.S. and cemented by the dozens of labels that have popped up in its wake. Lobster Theremin's latest, Day Laborer EP, comes from debutant Rawaat, who delivers a collection that highlights the problem of chasing trends, rather than working independently of them. It doesn't take long to realise that Day Laborer EP exhibits a fair amount of clichés. Its A-side brings together smoky, drawn-out synths and a female vocal on "Caverns Of Reflection," and a baffling Legowelt impersonation with "Exp. 2." Things pick up on the flip, with the title track and a lengthy remix of it from Huerco S. The latter is the package's best cut, with a decent bassline and synth creating a nice bounce. The remainder of Day Laborer EP has some appeal (the swing of "Exp. 2" is certainly charming). But when the time comes to look back at 2014, records like this will likely be near the bottom of the pile.
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      A1 Caverns Of Reflection A2 Exp 2 A3 Motion Sensor B1 Day Laborer B2 Day Laborer (H.S. Recast)