Floating Points - King Bromeliad

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  • This new two-track single, Sam Shepherd's first new solo work since last year's one-track Wires, finds him in just as sumptuous form as on that epic number but nodding a little more towards the dance floor. The title track opens with the sound of party chatter before a distorted bass groove shuffles into view. The voices are eventually swept away, leaving a snare and flicking key shards as the main ingredients in this clean, jazz-inflected offering. Cushioned low notes lead the way for the rest of the track, briefly giving way to a flurry of keys that illuminate the landscape before disappearing as the bass squelches back into life. It's a gently funky treat that moves at just the right pace. On the flip, far-off pads and a nudging bassline begin the 11-minute "Montparnasse" as a barely-there whisper. Ethereal voices and echoing clicks wax and wane until the whole scene is eventually taken over by a glorious rain of chirruping high notes. A wonderful pair of tracks that exude unhurried confidence, King Bromeliad makes you hope there's plenty more to come from Sam Shepherd—and soon.
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      A1 King Bromeliad B1 Montparnasse