Various - Vibes New & Rare Music 2, Part 1

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  • In 2010, Rick Wilhite compiled Vibes New & Rare Music. Featuring tracks by Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman, it sought to represent the soulful leanings of Wilhite's legendary Vibes New & Rare record store in Detroit. This 12-inch is the first of two that will together comprise the 2010 compilation's sequel (the second part is slated for release in September). And, like its predecessor, its seven tracks ooze good taste. Josh Milan's "Electro Dreams" is a worthy opener, a gently bumping house groove and warped soul vocal making for a smooth, propulsive standout. Jon Easley is the kind of hidden Detroit talent that Wilhite likes to showcase on these releases alongside the bigger names. Easley has apparently been a DJ for decades without releasing much of his own material, and on the evidence of the superb, wafting house of "Lemon Lime," he should spend more time in the studio. Elsewhere, Jovonn's "Ruff" and TJ Dumas's "Gin Gimlet 3 Cherries" are both reasonably straightforward but excellent blends of steady beats and pretty textural elements. Wilhite and Norm Talley's "30 Years Later" kicks off in a crackling murk before re-remerging as a gentle hail of elasticated drums and radar pings. Sean Tate's "A Matter Of Pain" is a mesmerising, echoing electro pulser, all sighing keys and crackling percussion. K-Alexi's "I Am N Lust," a frenetic vocal techno cut laced with sex noises and throbbing bass drums, closes an excellent compilation from someone who clearly has a knack for the format.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Josh Milan - Electro Dreams A2 Jon Easley - Lemon Lime B1 Jovonn - Ruff B2 Norm Talley & Rick Wilhite - 30 Years Later C1 TJ Dumas - Gin Gimlet 3 Cherries C2 Sean Tate - A Matter Of Pain D1 K-Alexi - I Am N Lust