Perc & Truss - Two Hundred

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  • Perc & Truss first came together for last year's Spiker, a bruising three-tracker of live hardware workouts that felt like two friends indulging in the most abrasive sounds they could muster. Now that they're jumping back in the ring for a second round, the approach showing some cracks. The barreling EBM beat and barking vocal samples of "Two Hundred" package together the best elements of Perc's The Power & The Glory into something more punk, but a persistent high-pitched tone in the right channel makes it hard to listen to. (Maybe that's the point.) After all that claustrophobic noise, "Ven Der Wolk" offers a little breathing room. It's based on some simple distorted piano stabs—one of the few instances of melody on the record. "Judd" continues the thrills, with glitchy sound manipulation eating away at its low-slung swagger, but after a few minutes it grows a bit tiresome. The same goes for "Forever Your Girl," an absurdly heavy track in the vein of Truss' MPIA3 project. Though staccato snares add some panache, the relentless pounding is desensitizing.
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      A1 Two Hundred A2 Judd B1 Forever Your Girl B2 Van Der Valk