Davina, Niko Marks and Carlos Nilmmns - Get By Me

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  • The latest collaboration between Carlos Nilmmns and Niko Marks doesn't veer from their early '90s US house sound, replete with squelchy basses and piano licks. This time they've drafted in the Underground Resistance-affiliated singer Davina, who lends an otherwise pedestrian groove some personality. Though the "Alt" mix of "Get By Me" is five forgettable minutes of kick and organ interplay, the "Vintage" version is awash with strings and stabs, and it's more successful for it—not to the point of besting the classic cuts it emulates, but it's an effective facsimile. Without a much to work from, Andrés does his laidback summer jam thing, with a low-end that takes some inspiration from the original before going for a rump-shaking wander with little heed for what's going on above it. Not that there's a lot there—the odd burst of organ, some echoing pads and the slightest hint of a saxophone. It's a beach-ready track made for that twilight transition between sun-soaked days and sweaty nights.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Get By Me (Alt Mix) A2 Get By Me (Vintage Mix) B1 Get By Me (Andrés Remix)