Efdemin - Decay Versions Pt I

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  • Efdemin's third album, Decay, was, in the words of RA's Andrew Ryce, "like reclining into an old leather chair." It would work on the dance floor, but Decay felt more suited to soothing post-club ear ringing, rather than creating it. The album's first set of remixes range from home listening moods to club tracks. Livity Sound's Asusu sticks closer to "Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes"'s somnolent aesthetic than fans of his raucous work with Pev and Kowton might anticipate. The low-end's like a caress, even as snares rattle away up top. It's certainly more club-ready, but suited to mesmerising crowds. Stefan Linzatti's take on "Solaris" beefs up the original, opting to keep its cartwheeling arpeggios but adding a bumpier bassline smeared with sci-fi pads and strings. It's tense, like Jeff Mills at his most alien. Efdemin's studio-mate John Gürtler goes the other way with "Parallaxis," turning a spare but driving track into a kick-less wash of Moog blips and parping woodwind. It's an elegant blend of synthesisers and instruments, and a neat end to an EP that adds to its source material's atmosphere.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Some Kind Of Up & Down Yes (Asusu Remix) B1 Solaris (Staffan Linzatti Remix) B2 Parallaxis (The Borderline State Remix)