Kölsch - Speicher 79

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  • Kölsch's Kompakt debut came via its Speicher sub-label. This latest EP marks the third time he's returned to the series since, and it continues his dalliances in techno's trancier outskirts. Though not a straight-up anthem like "Lorely," nor quite as likely to induce dance floor tears as "All That Matters," "Papageno" is firmly aimed at the arms-in-the-air crew. Fittingly for the man who penned the earworm "Calabria," the track shows some serious songwriting chops, hitting every note on the goosebump scale. At the point where When Saints Go Machine singer Waa Industry's breathy breakdown lands, the hairs on your neck seem set to stand up permanently. Transfer the flip's chords from pianos to stadium-filling synths and you'd have an EDM smash. Kölsch opts for some strings bowed by Kompakt's resident classical composer Gregor Schwellenbach. It doesn't exactly dial down the epicness. But unlike the A, which manipulates emotion through energetic ebb and flow, "Cassiopeia" relies too much on a strong hook that loops until it's lost its heart-tugging impact.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Papageno feat. Waa Industry B1 Cassiopeia feat. Gregor Schwellenbach