The Analogue Cops - Hot Brass Dance

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  • For The Analogue Cops second outing on Hypercolour offshoot, Hype LTD, they light up basement percussion with a disco ball. As with last year's In Plain Clothes, the Italian duo present solo efforts, with Lucretio stepping up first. Both his tracks sound like some grimy L.I.E.S. cut for the first minute, before female vocals slowly bleed in to offer some softness. On "Denying" this comes from a drums 'n' all disco sample, with the original percussion rubbing up awkwardly against Lucretio's redlined kicks. It's a similar story on "Do It Forever," only with an R&B sample and whirling arp tempering the rawness. The EP highlight comes from Marieu, who opens the flip by twisting Bill Withers' "Harlem" into a fear-drenched techno banger, its kicks landing like sandbags around muted acid burbles. Never has the lyric "everything's alright" sounded less sincere. Closer "Manipulation" eschews the vocals and grit formula, preferring instead to dose a 303 with amphetamines and let it loose in a hi-hat factory. As acid goes it's pretty ripsnorting, but it also feels the least innovative. Stick a soaring soul sample over the top and you'd be onto something.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Denying A2 Do It Forever B1 Manipulation B2 Fall In