Mumdance - Take Time

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  • Jack Adams has been steadily pushing UK club music to its limits, proving just how creative you can be while still writing bangers. This year's "Club Mix" of "It's Peak," where chords hobbled and skipped across an obstacle course of percussion, was a good start to a demolition job that Take Time finishes. His newest EP (and possibly the weirdest thing ever released on Rinse) completely removes any stable ground and lets Adams float through the same space that made frequent collaborator Logos' Cold Mission so mesmerizing. "Take Time" at least has Novelist to ground it, and the young MC sounds completely at home twisting around the space-age grime stabs and hi-hats. Adams' instrumental sounds improvised, as if it were following Novelist's lead around each sharp corner—a testament to his ear for building oddly intuitive rhythms. "The Sprawl" is a scrambled array of stop-motion sounds (mini spinbacks, slamming doors, lasers), with only a single hi-hat and jackhammer drums to pull the pieces into orbit. It shouldn't work, and yet when it starts hiccuping like a scratched CD in its last minute, it has the galvanizing effect of a techno white noise blast. The Spyro-assisted "Don't Get Lemon" is its calmer cousin, lurching on wobbly stilts before drifting away through an ornate breakdown that feels like it was brought in from another tune entirely. It's all held together by a hairline thread, and that implied instability is fast becoming Mumdance's trademark—one that makes him one of the most consistently inventive UK producers going.
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      A1 Take Time feat. Novelist A2 Don't Get Lemon B1 The Sprawl B2 Take Time (Instrumental)