Itamar Sagi - Invisible Key EP

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  • Israeli producer Itamar Sagi, like his good friend Shlomi Aber, makes techno that leans heavy on minimal, but melody and bouncy basslines ensure that the dance floor is kept in view at all times. His first EP for Ovum in five years is full of treacly techno grooves. "Invisible Key" breezes past with soft, wooshing synths, snares that lag just off the beat and a beautifully elastic bassline, taking time out for the most understated of breakdowns. The bassline that Sagi concocts on "New Order" is even more moreish, springy and rich-sounding, underpinning a dubby pulse and discofied claps. Then, Sagi turns things on its head with "Dub Superstitions", weirding the listener out with a childlike single-note refrain, random spraycan bursts and spluttering hi-hats. It tops off an EP where light lives comfortably with shade.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Invisible Key B1 New Order B2 Dub Superstitions